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In a Drawing Room
Receiving Maulana Mohd. Ali Jauhar Urdu Peotry Award 2008
Recieving Allama Iqbal Peotry Award from Mr. S.S. Barnala, Governor of Tamil Nadu
Receiving Kamal Madrasi Urdu Poetry Awar 2006 From Mr. A.K. Srivastava
Recieving Bookey from Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad Central Minister
Dr. Majid Deobandi with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, President of AICC
Receiving Kaifi Aazmi Award from Mr. Somnath Chatterji Speaker Lok Sabha
At the time of Ijra poetry book shaakh-e-dil, with Mr. K Rehman Khan & others
At the time of Ijra of poetry book shaakh-e-dil, with H.R.D Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal